Jamal J’Black


Jamal J’Black was known as a “Super Producer” in the radio world and was part of many popular radio shows. Starting as a board operator in 1999 he worked his way through various duties at WPHI/100.3 The Beat when his dedication, determination, and attention to detail landed him the opportunity to produce a few local shows. It was the success of those shows that paved the way for him to begin producing the wildly popular nationally syndicated show “The Russ Parr Morning Show”

J’Black wore many hats during his time at the station including Assistant Music Director before he landed as the Producer of the successful night show “Michael Shawn and The Takeover Legends”. It was this opportunity and the continued success of the show that set the stage for the next step in his career in the industry.

On the heels of producing a popular night show, he was tapped to produce a new morning show with R&B singer Miss Jones as the star. The show titled “Jonesy in the AM” was a hit in the Philadelphia market and what started out as a behind the scene position morphed into J’Black being an on-air personality and part of the show. The show including J’Black eventually landed on air in the number one market for radio in New York on WQHT/Hot97 where it became the “Miss Jones in the Morning Show” which now included DJ Envy and Michael Shawn. J’black played a valuable part in the show’s climb to claim the number one morning show spot in the city.

J’Black has the hard-to-find ability to adapt to any situation and do it with a calming presence that is needed to keep things running smoothly. In the fast-paced ever changing world of radio that is a skill nobody can afford to overlook.

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